Roof repair after the snow!

Roof repair after the snow!

Roof Repair in early March, can be pleasant … or not.

Just after the unexpected snowfall, I was called out for roof repair … now even MORE in need. Snow is heavy and will worsen a roof leak. If you have a roof leak, my recommendation is to have your roof repair done before winter. Summer and fall are traditionally the driest. Even though your roof might not be leaking on a balmy summer day, you really don’t want to wait until there is three inches of snow on the roof to call out a guy like me. I’m perfectly nice, I wont yell at you … but it would cost less to repair a roof that is NOT slick with freshly fallen snow.

way roof

Here are five things that cause roof leaks! 

A. People, you have to clean your gutters. One of the number one reasons for roof repair is clogged gutters left unattended for … let’s just say … awhile. Even though this isn’t a “top of the roof” leak … it’s the beginning of a fascia nightmare.

B.Limbs, they break. (but not this kind) … Roof repair is an absolute if you have an oak branch sticking through your ceiling.

animation fall hand feet arm

C. Too much stuff!!! Maybe it’s those limbs, but more likely it’s leaves, moss and frisbees … you really wouldn’t believe what I find on roofs! This dog, for instance is not helpful with the frisbee situation. I bet he’s not much help with roof repair, either.

dog idgaf frisbee nope

D. Loose Screws … no, no, ACTUAL screws. Tin roofs are attached with galvanized screws and they tend to work their way loose. The solution is honestly, a bigger screw. Man, I’d love one of these “screwdrivers” … oh wait, I have a 12 year old!

robot fingers screw

E. Improper flashing … not what you think! There’s a thin metal membrane used to keep chimneys, valleys, fascia and corners from leaking. (somethings don’t need to be flashed)

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