Light Electrical Services

Trust us to help out with all your light electrical needs. We offer troubleshooting, because sometimes … running down a short is like solving a puzzle! 

We replace outlets and even install new ones (because really, you know there are never enough!) From your dream dining room light fixture to making sure there’s enough light in the garage to see where you left the Christmas wreath, we are ready and able to help. 

In addition to fixing existing issues or changing out everything from ceiling fans to hot water heaters, we can run lines where they don’t yet exist. Sometimes that means putting in a new breaker in your panel. It’s not a problem. Most all electrical issues are within our capabilities. In the event that a major issue arises we have excellent relationships with seasoned electricians. 

So, whatever you’ve got in mind, just give us a call and we’ll be right there! 

Pictured here is a light kit being added to a ceiling fan. 

Granted, hot water heater installations call upon our plumbing and sometimes our soldering skills. But, electric water heaters require 220 volt hookups and you can’t just plug them in the wall. They must be wired directly to a breaker. We can easily help with this task. A hot water heater installation is a prime example of using a myriad of my skills in one project. 

Electrical projects are not for the hobbyist. One bad connection or nicked wire can cause a fire. Additionally, for those not accustomed to working around live electrical wires … electrocution is truly a shocking experance. My experience with electrical projects began in childhood. My Dad was a licensed electrician and the county handyman. I often accompanied him to tackle projects for our friends and neighbors.  Dad’s day job was working on rock crushers. The electrical wiring in one of those monster machines is as big as your leg and there’s no coming back from touching those types of live wires. So clearly, caution is a strong suit of mine.