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What a location to spend fall in the mountains working in. We added this 16×24 deck with a 8×8 additional exposed deck to a cabin in a remote area of Shooting Creek, near Hayesville NC.  We later screened in this porch and now it’s truly a 3 to 4 season room, complete with lights and ceiling fans. 

We’re pretty meticulous when it comes to decks, especially here in the mountains. Too often, decks are not properly supported. Improper footers or just not enough support makes for short life span and sometimes is truly dangerous. Each deck that we build has a concrete footer under each and every support post. Additionally, there are a more than adequate number of support posts placed for the span and size of the deck. 

Other than supporting the deck properly, the deck itself is built with quality materials and secured with galvanized screws as opposed to nails. The reason I prefer screws to nails is they never back out, meaning they won’t stick up four years later and cut your big toe. In all seriousness, screwing deck boards down as well as the frame makes for a much stronger and longer lasting structure that requires less maintenance over the years. 

We solidly recommend that decks be left unpainted, stained etc. forever. We don’t always get our way. We do recommend a semi-transparent stains on wooden decks and we also advocate the use of clear sealers every 2 to 3 years.  

The reason it’s unwise to paint pressure treated wood is the paint can’t really absorb into the treated wood and will eventually start peeling. This creates a MESS that we promise you do not want to deal with or pay to have removed. 

Of course, if you find yourself with peeling deck paint, we are happy to help you out. 

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We are always focused on our customer’s satisfaction and we want to make your dreams come true. It’s very important that we are completely transparent about any practice that may cause issues down the road, especially those that can become extremely costly. 

To the left is an example of a deck that had been coated with a solid color stain. As you can see toward the bottom of the image, a great deal of product had chipped and even worn away because of the issue of treated wood being rather impervious. Our ONLY option was to apply another solid color stain to cover the mess. We advised our clients that a reapplication would be needed every two years, at minimum to avoid this unsightly condition. 

In addition to decks, we repair all types of wood damage. From pecked to death fashaboard (we have woodpeckers galore and bore bees) to water damage around windows, doors and chimneys. We can fix the issue that causes the water damage as well.