My name is Kent Vanattia,

As a boy, my Dad taught me the value of a job well done and the satisfaction that comes at the end of a productive work day. My Dads name was Arlis… I lost him almost 20 years ago now.  I named my business after him so that I am never inclined to forget the things he taught me. Growing up, I learned the importance of proper maintenance on everything from tools to relationships.  On our family’s dairy farm, it was imperative that our equipment and livestock were checked and taken care of every day. Today, the attention to detail I developed beside my Dad and Granddad, serves me well when I come to your home to clear a view, repair a rotten window or install new light fixtures in your bath or kitchen. Whatever the task… I apply all of my knowledge and always strive to do my very best.

I promise honesty, prompt service and superior craftsmanship in all that I do.

North GA Home Repair | Kent Vanattia



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